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Naviance Component Timeline
Naviance Student
Naviance Student is the new, mobile accessible Naviance experience that has replaced Family Connection.
Now Available!
Naviance eDocs Teacher Desk
Teacher Desk is a new dashboard to help teachers manage recommendation requests and lessens the support that counselors provide.
Now Available!
Staff Login
A simpler staff login experience is coming this fall.

Staff Resources

Help Library resources for Naviance Student are found here, including twenty-four articles to help you prepare your school for using Naviance Student for the school year. The Student and Parent Facing Resources about Naviance Student were updated in mid-July based on client feedback. If you downloaded these resources prior to then, we encourage you to re-download them to have the most up-to-date information.

The most widely used resources are the following:

  • Preparation Checklist: This checklist shows recommended steps to transition your school or district to the new student experience.
  • Transitioning to Naviance Student: This article provides tips and answers common questions about the new student experience.
  • Demo Naviance Student and View as Student: The workflow that allows staff to see the student view in Naviance and perform actions on their behalf has changed. Learn more!
  • Using SuperMatch: The SuperMatch college search tool in Naviance has been greatly enhanced with more than 20 new filters, making it even easier for students to explore their options and find a good post-secondary match and fit.
  • What’s New in Naviance Student Presentation: This presentation, found in the attachments of this article, is designed for you to share with your staff, students and parents to educate them on the new capabilities of Naviance Student, as well as what has changed.


Parent and Student Resources

Once you are familiar with Naviance Student, you can prepare your parents and students using the Parent and Student Resources. These resources are editable and designed for you to customize and re-use. All video resources found here are provided with an embed code that can be used in your own assets.

Staff Resources

There is one main article to help staff users navigate through Naviance eDocs Teacher Desk, interpret the dashboard and understand the steps involved to complete the requested tasks.

Staff Login

The new staff login process is similar to other web applications and align to industry standards. The login only requires an email address (username) and password. School or district account name is no longer required. Additionally, staff users who wish to access Naviance from multiple schools can now use their same email and password to access multiple schools within a district.

Staff Resources

Most staff members will need to create a Naviance ID on the new login page. The following help resources are available:

Upon first login, you will be prompted to create your new Naviance ID to start the process.

Login to Naviance

If you find that e-mail messages being sent from Naviance are being blocked by your school’s e-mail system, you will need to contact your school’s e-mail system administrator to have them allow mail from Naviance servers to be delivered on your network. The process of allowing our servers to send e-mails to recipients is known as whitelisting. The following email domains should also be an allowed sender: and *Please note that this new process does not apply to any single sign-on users; i.e., Clever and Google SSO – for those users, your login process does not yet change.*

To download the Naviance Back-to-School Resource Guide CLICK HERE

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