Naviance Course Planner Enhancements Help Students & Educators Make Better Planning Decisions
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Naviance Course Planner Enhancements Help Students & Educators Make Better Planning Decisions

One of the most critical pieces of college and career readiness is academic preparedness. And academic preparation starts with students taking challenging courses in middle school and high school that set them up to reach their goals. Unfortunately, many students realize later in high school that they are missing graduation requirements, or haven’t taken the pre-requisites at colleges they wish to attend. Often, they simply didn’t know those requirements (or they missed reminders from counselors!).

Naviance Course Planner helps students create course plans that meet your school’s completion requirements and satisfy academic pre-requisites at specific colleges of interest to them. Over the past few months, we’ve made some significant improvements to this Naviance extension product.

If you use Course Planner today, you’ll recognize these enhancements as helping students make better course planning decisions and helping educators support students in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

Naviance Course Planner Enhancements - Spring 2015 from Naviance on Vimeo.

We’ve provided a few highlights of the enhancements here, and current customers can see more in the Naviance Network.

For students

Progress tracking
Students can now see the minimum number of credits that they will need as they are building their plans.

Easier course selection
New filters for Grade Level and Subject Area will make it easier for students to find the best courses for them (primarily used when selecting electives).

For educators

Easily modify student course plans
After speaking with a student, educators can now add or remove courses from students’ plans directly in Naviance.

Efficiently review course plans via the student folder

  • A new progress indicator will allow educators to see students’ progress towards building their plans, and their progress towards completing credit requirements.
  • Educators can approve, reopen, and edit plans directly from the student folder.
  • Students’ course selections will display in the Courses tab in the student folder, and educators can easily navigate between student plans using the left and right arrows.

Expanded export for importing to a Student Information System (SIS)
The course plan export now includes additional fields making it easier to import student plans into an SIS. New fields are detailed in the Naviance Network.

Current customers can learn more about these and other enhancements to Naviance Course Planner in the Naviance Network. To speak with someone about Naviance Course Planner, contact us today.

Rob Spackey

Rob Spackey

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