College and Career Readiness Competencies

Assess your progress in meeting holistic college and career readiness standards.

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High School
Social Emotional Learning
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Identify Strengths
Understand the meaning of debt
Identify habits that lead to success
Understand unique personal qualities
Identify interests
Participate in Extracurricular Activities
Understand how to work successfully with others
Understand how to communicate effectively online
Discuss future plans/goals with family members
Understand effective communication practices
Identify post-high school support network
Understand successful study habits
Create a four-year plan of study
Create an academic-related SMART goal
Prepare for standardized tests (PSAT/PreACT)
Take the PSAT, SAT, and/ or ACT
Update 4-year plan of study
Understand how to challenge yourself for school success
Identify Career Clusters of Interest
Create career-related SMART goal
Identify careers of interest
Identify college majors of interest
Identify post-high school goals
Understand various aspects of postsecondary institutions
Understand components of a college application
Understand methods on how to pay for college
Conduct a college search
Identify colleges of interest
Understand the meaning of expected family contribution
Understand the factors that lead to right college fit
Attend college visits
Estimate Financial Aid Need via Financial Aid Calculator
Understand the financial aid process
Write a personal statement
Finalize college application list
Apply to college or alternative pathways
Complete the FAFSA
Complete a scholarship search
Apply for scholarships
Make a plan to pay for college
Analyze financial aid offers
Understand the transition to high school
Choose a postsecondary option
Create a college or post-high school budget
Make a plan to overcome summer melt

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