College and Career Readiness Competencies

Assess your progress in meeting holistic college and career readiness standards.

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Middle School
Social Emotional Learning
Objective Delivered Partially Delivered Not Delivered
Understand the skills needed to build self-confidence
Understand income and expenses
Understand how to overcome obstacles
Understand the importance of a budget
Identify Interests
Employ decision-making skills
Understand the value of taking risks
Understand how to cope with stressful situations
Identify supportive adults
Join school- and community-related activities
Understand how to successfully work with a team of peers
Identify personal support network
Create an academic-related SMART goal
Understand learning styles and preferences
Employ successful study skills
Understand individual learning habits
Identify habits that lead to success
Understand how to manage time wisely
Build a high school course plan
Determine steps to take for future success
Identify career clusters of interest
Identify career interests
Identify various aspects of a career
Create a career-related SMART goal
Identify the types of postsecondary opportunities available
Understand the cost of college
Understand options available to pay for college
Understand the transition to middle school
Prepare for life in high school
Understand the transition from middle school to high school

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